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The FACTOR Merchant, Servicing and Procuration Organizer Ltd. was established on January, 1994, which actually began its operation in May 1994 . The Company is owned by  private individuals. They have experience in  liquidation, bankruptcy counseling, financial and economic investment advising and experience with debt and credit consolidation.

The initial registered capital of 1.000.000,- HUF was increased to 10.050.000,- HUF by the owners.

The owners, professionals and external experts of the Company  have significant experience in

bankruptcy counseling, liquidation,

asset controlling and winding up.

The Factor Ltd. operates as a registered company of the Liquidation Registry from October 1994. From this date our Company  has been getting approximately 2.000 liquidation and winding up cases in the whole country.

The members and external experts of the Company are involved in following professional organizations:

  • Hungarian Association of Insolvency Practitioners and Asset  Controllers;
  • SZVT Research and Development Center;
  • Hungarian Bar Association;

Chamber of Hungarian Auditors.

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